Lingshed Nunnery

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“I am encouraged to know that practical steps are being taken to train women teachers, improve educational prospects for women and create a communications network among Buddhist women, whatever tradition they belong to. Within the Tibetan community, unlike in past Tibet, we have introduced programs for serious study of Buddhist philosophy in some of our nunneries here in India since over two decades.” – Dalai Lama, July 10, 2002–


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Ling Shed Nunnery

Lingshed Nunnery

Lingshed Nunnery is a Buddhist Gelugpa-pa Nunnery in the SingeLa area of the Himalayan mountain range of state of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir in Northern India.

We are a relatively new nunnery, perhaps a reflection of the evolving nature of Buddhism and it’s renewed commitment to Dharma education and leadership for women.

Monasteries and nunneries provide the spiritual fabric of a community – we hope to provide spiritual and cultural support to the Ladakhi people as they work to maintain their culture in this changing world.